CIP Systems

Hybrid CIP System Sanitizing system with the best cleaning solutions, care-enviroment products such as ECA Solution cleaning agent and ozonated water sanitizing agent. Customizable system that can be installed with up to four independent CIP outlets, meeting and overcoming the beverage industry cleaning standards. The System benefits are fast investment recovery, [...]


Blending Systems

Flexian Blending system, used to prepare a flavored beverage or syrup and juices based on concentrates, water, simple syrup and/or HFCS. Our system is capable of handling powdered and/or liquid concentrates depending on the recipe specifications.  It also allows the preparation of small volumes, making easier the production planning and [...]


Sweetener Handling

Eductor System that allows a more efficient sugar dilution in water. Sugar is poured in a hopper that is recirculated with the dilution tank in order to obtain the initial mixture, which afterwards is filtered and sent through UV light.  Then, it is stored in the simple syrup tank, ready [...]


Who Are We?


IANSA is an Engineering group specialized in the bottling industry, that provides solutions such as CIP systems( Clean in Place), Blending Systems, sugar bleaching columns, storage and sweetener handling systems, among others.


Generate value, innovation, fun and satisfaction to contribute to the collective well-being consequently transcend.

Vision 153

-We leader global trends with eco-sustainable systems.

-Create transcendent relationships at the industry.

-Generate wealth to our clients, employees, providers and stockholders.


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